Nieuwsbrief 06.2017

and the weather just keeps better and better. At least, the colder days are further apart from each other and last weekend I actually applied sunscreen before going out. Just a few more nights and it's summer, yay!

What would I like to tell you about?
• Fiep Westendorp drawings!
• Kaartje2go cards
• Funtastics windowmarkers
• Family portrait window drawing
• Fathers day (freebie)

Fiep Westendorp
A little while ago I was considering expand the collection with large(r) brands, that's why I asked you on social media what the favorite characters were at home. And guess which brand is the first one? Who didn't grow up with books illustrated by Fiep Westendorp?

Unfortunately it doesn't include Jip & Janneke (Hema has exclusive rights), but I did get Pim & Pom! And many more very recognizable drawings by Fiep Westendorp. I personally feel very proud of this and love the direction the shop is going. I'm working on more brands, so more is coming!


I had the idea in my head to have a selection of the window drawing designs printed as post/greeting cards, but that turned into a collection at Kaartje2go (Dutch website). So much more fun for you, because you'll be able to add your own text and change colors.

For example a birth announcement window drawing combined with a birthday announcement card, a moving announcement or a fun birthday card! You can find direct links in the shop at the design where there's a card available, but you can also check out the collection over here. There aren't that many cards online yet, but I'm working on it.

Funtastics window markers 
I've tested these wasco-like (but so much easier to remove) markers myself and asked you guys if I should add them to the shop. The answer was clear, they had to be included! So now available in the shop: Funtastics window markers!

When I offered the birth announcement window drawing with a family portrait in the shop, I received several requests for the design even when there wasn't a new baby. So I did! Order a custom family portrait window drawing design over here.

and specially for the newsletter subscribers, here's a lovely discount! Use HIEPHOI when checking out and get a 25% discount, valid till 30.06.17. Happy drawing! :)

Fathers day
Last month we celebrated the mothers and now it's the fathers turn. Thank you for the shoulders we could sit on, your firm hand to guide us, dad-jokes and just for being there, you are awesome!

Let your father know by drawing this freebie window drawing. You can download it for free in Dutch and English.

Have a great weekend and see you next month!